Part II: "Survival" weekend

"I learn to survive no matter what!" 


  • Testing, setting and overcoming your own limits
  • Letting out your anger in an adaquate manner and reducing aggression
  • Recognizing and strengthening your own strengths
  • Discovery and strengthening of the self (-confidence, -worth, -effectiveness)


  • Hiking with backpack
  • Outdoor cooking and eating
  • 2 x outdoor overnight stay
  • Starting a fire
  • Building a shelter
  • Barbecue 
  • Group discussion and information sessions
  • Individual consultation
  • Individual and group exercises


After registration and payment of the fee you will receive your registration confirmation with the following:

  • List of items to bring (sleeping bag, backpack, etc.). Equipment for outdoor sleeping  is not provided by the organizer
  • Meeting place and address
  • List of "prohibited articles"
  • Tent can be rented on request and for a fee (limited supply)


approx. 621,-€ (plus 17% VAT) incl. food (meal) excl. drinks 

Number of participants:

Maximum 10 participants

Exclusion criteria

Membership of sects and radical ideological or political groups (freedom of values must be guaranteed)
We do not accept any liability for any pre-existing health problems/illnesses that pose a risk to this activity. 

Our outdoor team PsyAdventure, under the direction Mag. bakk. sci. pth. Khashayar Pazooki consisting of psychologists, padagogue, psychotherapist and former special units of the army / police will accompany you in achieving your learning goals.

Pack your backpack and set off with us!


You'll find further information and the exact dates under: DATES

(Can also be booked by a closed group of private persons. Minimum number of participants: 10 persons)