PsyAdventure for Individuals


Off into nature with our outdoor team PsyAdventure under the direction of Mag. bakk. sci. pth. Khashayar Pazooki, consisting of pedagogues, psychologists, psychotherapists and ex-special forces of the army / police.

Basic information:

Although, all three parts of the PsyAdventure week-ends are built up on each other (therefore Part I is the ideal start for those that are not "jet quite sure about outdoor activities"),all the different parts can be booked individualy. We don't require your to have done Part I before participating in Part II or III.

Neither season nor weather conditions prevent us from being out in nature, so we ask everyone to think of weatherproof and especially weatherproof clothing. You will receive a detailed list of the required equipment and further information with your registration confirmation.

We place high value in freedom of judgement, respect and tolerance and expect these from all participants.


Pack your back and join us on our journey to get to know your inner self, reduce stress, and much more.